Types of Bets and Strategies in Roulette

Roulette also offers various betting options and approaches, all of which vary based on your financial situation, willingness to risk, and other factors. Because of the roulette variety, every player can use some strategy or stake.

Corner Bet

When you place a corner bet, you wager on the corner of four separate squares. You can place a chip on the four corners of the square formed by the numbers 14, 15, 17, and 18 on a roulette table to wager on those four numbers.

RouletteRed or black

Another straightforward one is to wager on either Red or Black, which gives you a nearly 50/50 chance of winning. Because the wheel has two green sectors, numbered 0 and 00, depending on the wheel you are using, the odds are only almost 50/50.

Even or Odd

Odd or Even wagers offer odds comparable to Red or Black bets and are another straightforward bet option.

Column Bet

There are three rows of numbers on the tables, and you can place a wager on any of these. You now have a respectable range between high and low numbers, odd and even numbers, and red or black. You can choose which rows you want since some have more Red numbers and some have more Black numbers.

Street Bet

Although columns contain 12 numbers, you can place street bets covering three consecutive numbers. Although your chances of winning are substantially lower with this type of wager, the payoff might be Large depending on how much you wager.

Dozen Bet

The label on the can clearly state “a dozen bet.” You can place a wager on the three groups of twelve numbers. You can wager on 1–12, 13–24, or 25–36. It is a fantastic betting option, but your payout is less than it would be if you were to wager on fewer numbers.